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Searching Where to Turn For Honest BEST Answers on New MLM Company     Startup  and Growth?

                                                                                    Meet Rod Cook!



Hiring me and my dynamite small staff is like putting the MLM good house keeping seal of approval on your new company! Serious Network Marketing leaders know that your company will thrive when my name shows up!

My big push is always to save you money!  Why?  We need that money to penetrate the MLM market place!  Too many so called consultants have big staffs and are experts at burying clients in paper and using up your money.  Not us!  We want market share for you!  Even with Databases of 3 million experienced MLMers it takes us time and money to explode a company!  

I’m not going to bolt out of the gate and ask you to trust me! What I’m simply going to do is share some facts (which you will have no-trouble verifying) that will reveal to you why I’m regarded as the Top MLM Consultant for MLM Pay Plans and Marketing... in the world!

Fact: My staff and I have helped Clients create (from scratch) a BILLION dollars of sales in the MLM marketplace!                                                                                                     
How is that? Here’s what our clients say:

- “Your Startup MLM and Party Plan 44 day MLM Startup Consultant Package offers a real world boost to MLM and Party Plan company growth!”

- “Your MLM Consultant package and its outstanding pay plans, gives us the peace of mind that we can prevent legal action from government entities!”

- “The 3 days of intense face to face work covered in your MLM Consultant package is  a goldmine in itself, but the 30 days additional training and support that you give along with it…that’s the icing on the cake!”

Fact: I Am "Master" MLM Pay Plan Designer.  My Staff and I Have Changed Existing Pay Plans for Companies that Have Chosen the Wrong Pay Plan- Without Upsetting Their Members or Driving Them Off!

The one thing that can kill an honest company... (even one that is offering truly valuable products or services to consumers) is choosing the wrong pay plan.  As you know, building in enough incentive to attract reward your distributors, and independent reps is a must, but you also need to make sure you have enough cash flow to stay in business AND GROW!

We fix bad pay plans and design effective power plans. But we don’t stop there! We also help you implement them! Cookie cutter MLM pay plans kill 30% of MLM Companies

         Your Pay Plan is designed from scratch because your product or service must be matched to your market!

         No matter what anyone thinks, we recognize that your product/service is different!

         Bad MLM and Party Plan compensation pay plans stop the growth of 80% of MLM Companies

Fact: There is MLM software that works and software that doesn’t.  If you don’t know which is which, you’re gambling with your chance to succeed!

Our consulting team knows what MLM software works (and which ones don’t). Why gamble?

What else separates us from the crowd?

Here’s Just 4 of the many Unique Benefits You Get by Calling on Us

1. Top MLM Competitive Intelligence on Today's MLM and Party Plan market place

2. The only MLM and Party Plan Consultant that has published an MLM Compensation Plan book

3. The MLM and Party Plan Consultant that has published a Monster MLM Internet Marketing University!

4. The only MLM and Party Plan Consultant that has published a true powerful MLM start up book!

Your goal is to build and grow a super successful company. Our goal is to protect you, save you money and be there with you, to help your company grow with our consulting!


Dear Rod,

You won't remember me... but back around 2006 I was a distributor for a UK based MLM Company called Ecoflow and I purchased your book as I always had a dream of owning my own MLM Company. I read the book, cover to cover, and learned all I could from it.

Later, on Valentine's Day 2000, Ecoflow terminated me without rhyme or reason, and I lost the MLM business I'd been working flat out, 24/7 on for seven long years building. Determined not to get mad but to get even I then set about building my own MLM business using a lot of the information and ideas from your book, combined with the knowledge that I had learned along the way being an MLM distributor myself for seven years.

It was our sixth anniversary on the 1st August this year and so we are now moving into our seventh year... I was reminiscing back over the years recently and remembering what it was like when we were first starting out and remembered reading your book. So I thought I would look you up again on the net so that I could personally thank you for all the great ideas and information that you passed on to me in your book and to let you have a look at what our business has built into - I am very proud of it and I hope you like it as much as I do.

My mission, after being let down so badly by that company, I actually ended up bankrupt, was to build a fair and ethical Networking system where people get rewarded fairly for their efforts so that they are no longer let down by the false promises and impossible dreams that so many MLM companies try to sell to people out there...


Thanks So Much Rod


Peter Aldred

Monday Aug 14th 2010



"How To Start Your Network Marketing
Modern Party Plan or Web Affiliate Company!”

Top MLM Consultant Rod Cook's NEW! -- 17th Edition Jan 2008
and You Get his Compensation Pay Plan Book Too!

By Consultant Rod Cook; B.S., M.A., M.B.A.
Free and Honest MLM Consulting comes with this Book
Free -- MLM Software with this Book
Over 35 Years of Industry Executive Experience

No Other MLM Consultant Is A Rigorously Certified Consultant by the
Institute of Management Consultants

Your Best MLM Consultant To Quickly Grow Sales Using Network Marketing (MLM) and/or Web Affiliate Marketing.

(1) The Above Listed Book Gives You Detailed Consultant Information In Consulting Format,
      Nearly 300 Easy To Understand Diagrammed,  Info-Packed Full Size Pages (8.5" x 11)"

(2) Plus!!! You Get Free the NEW Compensation Pay Plan Book covering MLM and Party Plans

(3) Plus!!! You Get The 200 Page MLM Internet University "With Internet Multi-Affiliate Killer  Marketing Tactics!"

Over 600 Diagramed Pages of Pure, Distilled, Powerful Illustrated (pictures & illustrations) for quick easy money making powerful learning!

AND - On Top Of All That, You Get A Full- Hour Of Personal Consulting From Rod Cook
The MLM Industry's Top Consultant!


"Rod's newest 'How To Book' is the 'must-have' book if you plan to set up an MLM, Network Marketing, or Internet Multi-Affiliate Program. I highly recommend it! Honest Consulting (NO SALES PITCHES) at it's best."

--Tom Schreiter (Big Al), Kaas Publishing


“Here’s Why Reading The New Edition of This Manual Is a Very Smart Move”

Do you know your market?

Over 5 million new people joined Multi-Affiliate Marketing on the Internet in the last 5 years. A new "Boom" in hybrid web and conventional marketing is growing. Millions of dollars are being made in MLM, Multi-Affiliate, Party Plans and Network Marketing!

You get full detailed information on all of the essentials – PLUS - how to boom on and off the Web!

Rod Cook has had his finger on the pulse of this market for over 35 years. This manual tells you what you won’t hear anywhere else, and gives you the “juicy” facts you must know to help ensure your success!

Have financial experts told you combinations of Affiliate Marketing, Network Marketing, or Party Plans are the "new wave" in corporate divisional diversification or startups? That’s only half of the story. The truth is...there is plenty of risk!  However, once you get your hands on this information, you’ll know what pitfalls to avoid and you’ll have a realistic picture of what you’ll need to startup a Multi-Affiliate, Network Marketing, MLM, or Part Plan company!

You automatically reduce your risk by having the right knowledge!

That's why the original Book was born years ago! The NEW latest book has been honed with laser like precision to give you an edge… a competitive advantage! Armed with this NEW monster book (480 pages with the E-University) and your FULL-hour of FREE consulting, you can catapult yourself to success!

Plus you get the NEW MLM Compensation Pay Plan Book Free

If you like people, want to help others, and like money, this easy to Understand book is the way to start your corporate future in Affiliate, NetWork* Marketing or MLM Party Plans. On or off the Internet! These are the most fulfilling businesses to be in today. You can financially sound (and secure your future) through helping others find financial freedom!  *(spelled with a capitol W because it is work)

Rod's Note: When the cover was printed we were planning on 290 big illustrated 8.5 x 11" pages.  After doing our annual review we had to add 10 more pages of urgent information!  We ended up with 300 pages!  You win!

3 Reasons Why This book makes your learning curve easy (almost automatic):

1. It’s your straight shooting "mind missile" of detailed information. You’ll learn what you need to know quickly, and then be able to direct your decisions with confidence - You are the expert!

2. It’s your 24-hour a day, desktop reference manual. Your place to turn for quick answers and a resource that you will always keep on hand (some order it annually).

3. Much more than just your quick teaching tool! Because it’s packed with checklist after checklist, it gives you a tool to show workers what needs to be done as you start your Affiliate, Network, or MLM company.

Originated by America's leading expert consultant in NetWork Marketing and the Internet who has been inside of hundreds of companies and taught hundreds of others. Rod uses easy writing and illustrations for a full quick massive transfer: Ideas, methods, and ideas you can immediately use to get your company started.


Don’t forget! YOU ALSO GET THE BIG 8.5” X 11”


By Rod Cook






I make it a rule to always give more than what people expect. I love getting phone calls from customers that start out saying, ""How did you ever put all of this massive material together in such SIMPLE logical order!" Over half of you will say something similar when you call! <grin> They go on to say   "I bought similar books and they were a waste of time and money. This is exactly what I needed!!"

I get asked, "Why don't you make the printed Startup Book an E -book?" Folks, I can't do it (yet)! There are too many critical diagrams, pictures and charts. In PDF format the printed book would be over 60 megabytes!

You will love these two books, and software!   I guarantee it! One of the best money saving hours of your life will be that free one with me!   I want you to win!

Rod   Cook   :>)


Review Table of Contents and Photos



"Rod was a great help when I was writing WAVE 4. He is an honest "tell it like it is guy" and a true pleasure to work with"


This book is honest, no-nonsense, nitty-gritty info –your guide through the maze...

It is NOT put together to sell you products, it’s NOT going to pitch you on computer systems or in any way trick you into buying any kind of ‘whiz-bang’ anything!

Here Are Just A Few Of The Topics Covered In This
Must Have Massive “How To” Book

How to explode your company growth on or off the Internet!

The MLM software “scum” - know this and you will NOT be cheated out of your money!

How to stay legal and avoid winding up entangled in a legal nightmare!

Understand Compensation - Pay Plans the Good, the Bad & the Unlawful  (a book in itself)

Help with your business plan and how to get money to fund your MLM or Party Plan!

Strategic costs & secret marketing for launching your company!

The only group study on reasons why Web Affiliate, Network, and MLM marketing companies fail - you profit!

Insider’s "secret" information -what Party Plan and MLM marketing companies don’t let out.

Complete checklists to start up your company with full money saving details and sources. Hundreds of notes explaining "inside secrets" & knowledge keyed to the checklists.

Review Table of Contents and Photos


Do you know the secrets your competition
will use to beat your company?

(Internet Killer Marketing Tactics)"

E-center Direct Access

Updated every 30 Days

The stage is set and Act- I of the Internet is over. We are in Act II of the where businesses have to know where to go and “what in the web” to do. This is the Internet success roadmap!

You already know the Internet is massive. With this, you become one of a select few with the know-how to train and lead groups of 1,000's to marketing success on the Internet! You get a complete plan to focus your MLM Distributors and Party Plan Associates on where to go and what to do. Leverage the “no-end in sight” growth of the Internet that this knowledge offers.

You get:

  • An introduction in 4 simple, quick to read printed pages
  • 200 pages online (in a secret location).
  • Specific directions where to go on the Internet to produce MLM and Party Plan activity and how to do it.
  • You get the inside tricks of the trade of the most advanced marketers online.
  • You get sources of knowledge that have only been available to the very elite long time online marketers.
  • You get direction where to go on the Internet to produce Multi-Affiliate activity and how to do it.

You get tools that you can cut and paste to produce extreme activity. These powerful  files are universal and simple. All you have to do is cut and paste your way to success!

These files are updated every 30 days! That means you’ll always get the latest cutting edge online marketing information available on the web!

I guarantee it!   Rod Cook

These magnificent resources come with a FREE hour of consulting with Rod Cook one of the absolute premier consultants in the marketing industry today (see Consultants Profiles). This is a real $300 bonus and at only $169 for both the printed and electronic books plus the consulting it’s a "MUST HAVE" package!




You need to Look at the "MLM Law Book" too; you get great savings buying it with this package! This inclusive book on MLM law, Multi-Affiliate law and their history can help you stay out of trouble with the state and federal regulators.

Here are what past buyers say about these easy to understand, honest, truthful and powerful Books:


Your book saved me $70,000 the first week I had it! I didn't buy the wrong software. Rod got me fantastic computer software at a fraction of the price.  The MLM Law Book was magnificent!

Dr. Bill Parkinson,
Bethlehem, PA

We got the Startup Book. We Studied it, complimented it and even cursed it. After meeting with Rod we started our Internet Company pre-launch. When we launched we had cash flowed $5 million.

Virgilio DeGiovanni,
CEO Internet and Telephone Spa,

 More Truth!

I want to tell you your books are FANTASTIC! I have built big downlines. I have been the CEO for a large USA MLM Company here in Australia. I have been a Consultant for years. I am looking forward to talking to you.

David Caccianiga
General Manager, Duval & Associates
Greater Australia


Review Table of Contents and Photos



"How To Start Your NetWork Marketing or Internet Multi-Affiliate Company"

A massive manual of 300 8.5" x 11" printed pages!

Always hot, always cutting-edge and freshly updated every 180 days!


NEW Book, "MLM Compensation Pay Plans"  comes Free with the “START UP

  • MLM Compensation Pay Plans
  • Your Newest Friend in Starting Your Company!


The MLM Internet University with "Internet MLM - Affiliate Killer Marketing Tactics"

  • Your dynamic always updated MLM AND PARTY PLAN  E Learning 
  • 200 pages in HTML format
  • Fresh - updated every 30 days!


An hour of telephone consulting with Rod Cook worth $300 - See his Bio page!


Free Software! See the Free Software Page!

All for only $169 Plus shipping!

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