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By Rod Cook B.s., M.A., M.B.A.



1 May 2003 - A strong survey by Planet Feedback reinforces that word of mouth advertising is the best vehicle for advertising. Top of the list was "WORD OF MOUTH" advertising, the major driving force behind MLM - Network Marketing. For tens of 1000's of years the human race survived verbally transmitted knowledge by word of mouth! When we look for a mechanic, a doctor or a dentist -- we ask our friends, don't we? This study reinforces what we all instinctively know! With quality products or services driving our belief system, word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool that there is! All you have to do is make acquaintances and talk to them! This definitive study showing word of mouth at 61% (and most trusted) is one of few truthful studies about advertising! Why? Because most advertising studies are done by advertising agencies who can't "sell" word of mouth advertising. They never include "word of mouth" being the most trusted and favorite means of advertising! The secret is getting out! Network Marketing is the best tool!

MLM Consultant

Thanks to Planet Feedback for the research and for the Internet and graphical presentation of the material

Rod Cook is one of the major researchers and MLM Consultants in the Direct Marketing arena. He has almost 40 years of experience in Network Marketing (MLM). He and his staff of reporters at the MLM WatchDog review and analyze almost 1000 companies a year. He has done this for 10 years of publishing and is one of the most knowledgeable Consultants in the world on the subject of MLM Companies, their sales psychology and pay plans. He consults with many companies and top MLM Distributors.

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