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Not Having... This PPB Like Inviting A Heavy - Hitter Top Leader (that everyone would dream about recruiting) To Your New Company Office...  With No Furniture!



For over five years I sweated to create “power” pieces to put together to give new MLM, Party Plan and Network Marketing Companies a Fast Start boost by attracting Top Leader Builders.  The purpose of the “MLM COMPANY OWNERS FAST START PRESTIGE AND POWER BUILDER!” is to quick start new companies be more attractive to MLM or Party Plan Top Leaders and distributors.  I noticed that even when experts start a new MLM company, they tend to struggle.  New leaders come, look and leave, so do distributors. What I am giving you is how to stop Top Leaders in their tracks so they stay with you!  The new MLM Company needs to offer tools, training materials and excitement for distributors to get excited about so they’ll jump on board when the company is new!  After an enormous amount of work I finally got it all assembled into this one package to give you The Power and Prestige fast start builder.


Now you can have “bait” to pull in Top Leaders and get a fast start on building what attracts leaders!  What attracts leaders?  Your “Power and Prestige” for being wise enough to stock up on power building and training tools!  If a Top Hitter Leader is shopping three different companies, you can blow the other two “in the dirt” with the “MLM COMPANY  PRESTIGE AND POWER BUILDER!”


THE BOOK:  You get a printed copy of the book (on CD ROM 1 below) so you can use it as an instant tool for recruiting.  Show it to Top Leaders the day you get this whole monstrous kit and ask for their opinion in changes.  Works like magic!   It also gives you a printed guide to making changes in the MS Word document on CD ROM 1 below. Write in changes in the book and hand it to your typist!  How is that for Fast!


CD ROM 1:  The Automatic Leaders 126 page Book (Web Version Below) with YOUR NAME on it as Author. It comes with four hours of work from AMC’s Administrator to customize it the way you want. Gain automatic prestige from MLM Leaders with this tool alone! There are over 126 pages that you can use as is, or modify yourself to fit your style. Over 3000 hours and 15 years have gone into writing this powerful company building training book! The information in the 126 PAGE training book alone will double the speed of building your company!


Plus, you can ADD TO THE 126 pages already in the book (if you want) with copyrighted material and great articles from me, Rod Cook, Sandy Elsberg, Mark Yarnell, Tom “Big Al” Schreiter and John Milton Fogg, all nationally recognized Top Guns! If you want to include their extra 25+ pages of Top Gun fast downline building articles, it’s your choice. It’s like sharing a stage with them and gives you even more Power and Prestige to you for making it available to your distributors.  


Here are some tips for using the book to your advantage:


Put your company name in and on the book (it is in Micro Soft Word document) publish it with your name on the cover!  That amazes MLM Leaders and distributors!

This is a “Big Power and Prestige” in distributor’s minds.


Take the book Kinko’s.  You can publish the first 126 pages very economically and you will still be on the economic side of publishing.  It’s fast!  Change the words & have it printed it 3 days and have it in your hands!


Even 10 copies of your book will blow away prospective Leaders that you visit with. The Secret?    All you have to do is say to the MLM Leader that is “shopping” your company, “This is the latest edition of my training book for this New MLM –Party Plan Company, would you care to comment on it or add something?”


This is the greatest low cost leverage tool you can use to get the attention of and attract Top Leaders. They love to be asked their opinion and you get a double “bang” when you ask them to contribute!  Tell them that their name goes in the book!  An appeal to Ego and creativity goes a long way with Top Leaders!


Double the Speed that your Company grows – on just the Automatic Leaders Training  Book!  You get a two for one with the Automatic Leaders Training Book!   Writers will charge you $8- $10,000 dollars to do half of what this training book has in it, and most of their material is boring.  This Power and Prestige Automatic Leaders Training Book isn’t!








CD ROM 2:  You get the same $5-$10,000.00 worth of MLM Super Training Book turned into A Super Training Website in html so that you can use it online.  You get one hour with our superb webmaster to help you get the pages in place for use with the Builder!  Now you have further Power and Prestige with the full flexibility of this Super Training Website.


Now you can get the potential leaders (you are trying to sign up) on the phone and ask them what they think of your Super Training website.  Ask them for suggestions!  Ask them for contributions!  They are under your Power!  You beat out the competition hands down!


There is no question about what to do on company training calls. You just have all your distributors go to a subject page (on your website) for building their downline.  You (or anyone else for that matter) can read the page a half hour before the call. You can then lead a knowledgeable training call just using that page.... and your Prestige and Power builds even higher!


By doing the two actions above, your distributors will brag about what a great Internet Training system you have and how sharp you are to develop it.  In addition, THE MLM COMPANY OWNERS POWER AND PRESTIGE BUILDER contains links to another 200 pages of pure Internet recruiting building that is yours to use when you buy this BUILDER!



Plus,  web wise you get The MLM Internet University with this package!  The MLM INTERNET UNIVERSITY that teaches e-mail, forum, and over 20 other Internet Marketing Strategies has been developed with over a 1000 hours of work from some of the greatest Internet training experts.  It takes a new person from pasting and copying all the way to power online marketing.  The MLM INTERNET UNIVERSITY is updated monthly and guaranteed to be a Distributor Magnet! It is not open to the public and stays hidden for your distributors to use to grow your company.  Once again a Power and Prestige item to raise you above your competition.


CD ROM 3: Contains  more POWER AND PRESTIGE tools for you (power and prestige  to give to your distributors to help them grow their downlines.  The more you can offer distributors, the more Power and Prestige they have to attract other distributors to your company!  Look at it this way:  If a Top Hitter lead distributor came to your company’s office (which they will want to do) and found NO FURNITURE, NOTHING TO DRINK AND NOTHING TO INTEREST THEM...  do you think he/she would join your company?


You get pre-written; fill in the blanks PR Releases for you to give to your distributors to publicize your company! And you get a secret way to get them out to major points on the Internet for less than $6 a week. There are also other sources included for your distributors to use.  Your MLM Company will be seen by over 100,000 people for less than $6 a week. It is like MLM Candy at Christmas to Top leaders!


You get over 250 email recruiting and follow up messages that have been proven to work.  Use replace in your word processor and be ready to go in seconds! They can be used in your own website email system or put in auto responder automated marketing Internet marketing systems.  Save thousands of $$, time and put your distributors to work instantly.   Leaders love this!


Also included on this CD is the MLM IS GOOD power point  presentation for you to customize and use to sell your MLM Company (comes with 1-hour Admin work).  You can put this on your website or Email it out to hundreds of your people to use themselves. 


And you get “Think & Grow Rich” the legendary book by Napoleon Hill that has changed so many people’s destiny and promote MLM prosperity.  On the Internet, having an E book like this for “Prospect Bait” is essential.  It is also a magnificent training tool for your new (or old) Distributors to “Build the Fires of Desire.”  It’s probably the best double tool (Both giveaway bait and a learning tool for your distributors) you can get for MLM.  Top leaders love this too!


You get an Electronic Copy of Tom “Big Al” Schrieter’s “Super Prospecting” as an electronic file you can use for training your Distributors, and “Prospect Bait.” This classic powerful book helps build leaders from new distributors, and gives them great power and leverage to build their downline.


Also included is a bundle of my articles to help your Distributors promote their business and build private websites. Your company can use them in your library! In all, it is another power tool that all will love you for.... Automatically builds your Power and Prestige with Top Leaders!


CD ROM 4: This CD is chuck full of leads for your Distributors to build with.  Once again it is “bait” for them to join your company.  Every Top Hitter loves, and wants, leads for themselves or their downline.  By having a starting stock of MLM leads you are going to prove that you know what MLM Leaders want; or you can sell them to your Leaders and pay for this whole kit!   Why MLM names?  They help grow your Leaders downlines faster.  Experienced MLM distributors know the ropes and produce money faster!



500,000 MLMers email addresses, phone numbers and snail mail addresses.  These come from failed MLM Company genealogy lists, some Party Plans are included.  Email addresses and phone numbers were cleaned in 2005. Top Recruiters will tell you this is good bait for bringing in Leaders because people experienced in MLM bring in new distributors a lot faster than just opportunity seekers without lengthy training. If you shop the list market, you will find that dead company lists (not as good a mix as ours) of experienced MLMers go for $1200.00. These are “cleaned”, so they would equal about a million names on most lists!           



Some Top Leaders who are used to working with Doctors will love this Bonus. This is a Medical Doctor list of over 200,000 names, addresses, and phone numbers of doctors in the US. Doctors give prestige to your company and are great for training calls etc. You can send out letters asking them to be on your advisory board.  Your Distributors (helps to recruit Doctors they know too) also work on recruiting Doctors because many Doctors are tired of the medical rat race and want to build a secondary income!  Also you need Doctors for your Advisory Board!  If you go out on the open market for name lists, the cost of this Doctor’s list alone is $295.00.





Conditions: This Material Is Copy Righted

The Limitation on this PPB is you have to prevent other people from copying the book and you can’t resale it.  You can print books and sell them as part of your distributor kit.  You can put up the Web version but you must put anti-copying protection on the web pages (we will help you) or output the book as a PDF. You can give copies of the name lists, email drafts, and E-books to your distributors.  A word to the wise on name lists is don’t give a leader the complete file.  Parcel it out a piece at a time, some people might join just to get the list and then leave to compete against you!   To help there are separate files under different company names.








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