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Rod Cook Bsc, M.A. MBA


Qualified MLM, Affiliate Marketing and Internet Expert
Witness Certified by Federal and State Courts

Computer, Technical and Compensation Plan
Expert Witness

Intellectual Property and Technical Internet
Expert Witness

Professional Consultant to Internet and MLM Companies
with years of consulting experience

Today the consulting complexities of MLM, Net work Marketing and Internet Affiliate require the services of a fully competent Expert Witness. Litigation requires Expert Witnesses to have a high degree of experience and education. Internet Expert Witnesses have to have a technical background in programming and Internet Marketing both. Very few Expert Witnesses do consulting in both areas. Multi-Level Marketing known as MLM plus Net Work Marketing are another complete field. Expert Witness competence in all phases to include consulting in Marketing and Compensation are required on or off the Internet.

America's Consultants have years of consulting experience in:

  • MLM and Net Work Marketing compensation plan design
  • Affiliate and Multi-Affiliate compensation plan design
  • Years of consulting on marketing strategies and design
  • Years of consulting on Internet marketing design and strategy
  • Years of teaching Internet Marketing strategies and design
  • References Available from top Law Firms we have worked with over the years. Call us at 210-495-1201 or 210-494-3884

  • Clear and helpful communication with client's attorney or attorneys
  • Clear and helpful communication with client, economists and accountants
  • Internet Marketing, technology, and intellectual property issues
  • Internet Affiliate Marketing, technology and intellectual property issues
  • Explanation and analysis of MLM growth ratios and economic implications
  • Explanation and analysis of MLM operations and marketing techniques
  • Explanation and analysis of Internet Affiliate models
  • Explanation and analysis of Internet Multi-Affiliate models
  • Explanation and analysis of general Internet marketing models
  • General technical explanations and analysis of Internet marketing models
  • Explanations of exponential growth of Multi-Level organizations
  • Explanations of psychological reasons for Multi-Level changes
  • Damages based on MLM growth and collapse models per lines above
  • Graphing and spreadsheet analysis of growth or loss based on MLM models
  • Use of sum of squares and other statistical models related to MLM growth and decline
  • Jury trial, arbitration, mediation, or other appearances
  • Historical information and documentation
  • Research and documentation pertaining to all of the above
  • Preparation of documentation of findings




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