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Show Host 27 April - Rod Cook -   www.MLMWatchdog.com

Rod & Marcie CookMarcie Cook is the boss (at left) and Rod Cook is the Chairman of the Distributor Rights Association.  He also serves as the MLM Watchdog and a lot more! He knows the industry inside-out like nobody else! In 2003 Marcie & Rod Helped found the MLM Distributor Rights Association to protect distributors from termination, pay cuts and bad company owners.  He is Chairman of the MLM Distributor Rights Association which is made up of  top leaders from the MLM - Network Marketing Industry.  Rod is a leading expert (40 years of experience) in MLM.  He is the world's leading Expert on MLM Consulting and MLM compensation plans and is the only person to do an Illustrated book on Compensation Plans.  Tom Chenault Quotes Rod, "For 40 years I have lived in the middle of the MLM Information Highway and gotten run over by MLM trucks DAILY!  Experience comes from pain...      pain causes wisdom...     I have a lot of MLM - Network Marketing wisdom.   Attorneys General, the FBI, Federal Marshals and other regulatory agencies have used Rod for an MLM reference source when seeking truthful analysis and information.  Rod likes regulation at the local level and early intervention.



Brian McMullen

"I had a rough childhood, I barely graduated from high school and was kicked out of my house and had no choice but to work in fast-food restaurants when I was just 14." McMullen recalled."I know what it's like to be down and out, I know what its like to sleep on pavement, and I know what its like to pray not to live anymore, its not so much that I'm standing tall, it's that I'm even standing. I am grateful to be alive and to live through horrible times, I feel I can be a great strength to those who know that deep inside they too can be someone great, if only someone would believe in them," he shared.  One of the most "real" successful Network Marketers in the world, Brian juggles 4 different MLM companies, that generate over a 7 digit income. Now Brian is the Vice President of the Distributor Rights Association he is forging ahead to maintain YOUR rights as an MLM Distributor.  He is dedicated to fund raising for the DRA to defeat certain bad moves that our own Federal Government makes that could harm the MLM - Network Marketing Industry.


R.S. Mallory

Education Director  Distributor Rights Association

R.S. Mallory

R.S. Mallory is the Co Executive Director Education for the Distributor Rights Association.

RS Mallory has been an Educator, Corporate Trainer, Chief Communications Officer, Artist/Poetess and helps others create part to full time income in the Network Marketing Industry for the past 12 years. 

Her journey as a nascent Network Marketer set the stage for RS to develop Compassionate Marketing, a relationship based philosophy that teaches people to embrace basic human ethos. Her story is one of acceptance, growth, self-realization and empowerment. Compassionate Marketing helps people embrace their own special talents and shows them how to use them to help others achieve their goals and dreams. 

RS’  Father was a Pharmacologist, predating present day Pharmacists & modern medicines. The knowledge she gathered watching her Father prepare “synergistic concoctions” from natural herbs inspired and fed her passion to educate people to take charge of and control their own health through knowledge, natural herbs, vitamins and nutritionals. RS has extensive knowledge of the Pharmaceutical Industry and the Herbal nutritional communities.


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