Jeffrey Peoples B.s. Business

Mr. Jeffrey J. Peoples has over twelve years of business planning experience, specializing in business plan writing and development.  Through his attendance at DePauw University and the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, Jeff has acquired the educational acumen typically equated with success in business.  Jeff decided to make use of the education he acquired by entering the corporate workforce.  Ultimately, this became a precursor for him in becoming an entrepreneur. 

Jeffrey has attended the MLM Legal Conference on How To Start An MLM Company and has worked with Rod Cook Master MLM Consultant on MLM planning.  He and Rod have spent hours together working on MLM Network Marketing business plans. 

Jeff has a burning desire in aiding MLM business company owners to reach their goals and objectives.  This has enabled him to establish a strong understanding on MLM – Network Marketing.  In addition, Jeff has consulted with hundreds of new and existing business owners in business plan writing and development. 

The initial step for Jeff on the road to entrepreneurialism was the strengthening of his business management skills.  These skills were shaped during his employment with Bechtel Nevada Corporation (general contracting company for the Department of Energy - Nevada Operations Office).  Jeff initially started his employment as an intern, working his way up into becoming one of the youngest Assistant Project Managers in the company.  

Jeff decided to diversify himself professionally in the non-profit and for-profit sectors.   

In the non-profit sector, Jeff co-wrote and managed a five-year, two million dollar ($2,000,000) grant awarded from the Office of Minority Health to the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) - Phyllis Wheatley Branch.  Presently, Jeff is writing a succession of grants for various non-profit organizations (NPOs) within the Greater Las Vegas area.  In addition, several NPOs have retained the services offered by Jeff in completing the necessary documentation to receive tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service.  

In the for-profit sector, Jeff has written several business plans, operating plans, and financial plans for prospective business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, and transitional companies.  His clientele extends throughout the United States, consisting of clients participating in different industries.  Some of the aforementioned industries include multi-level marketing, telecommunications, retail, horticulture, real estate development, and transportation.  

Jeff played a direct role in developing a postal services business, by creating the business plan and marketing plan.  He conceived and successfully marketed a discount retail store, and revolutionized the executive transportation industry in the State of Arizona by introducing the concept of short-term leasing for automobiles.  Concurrently, Jeff has cultivated various relationships with financial institutions, certified and preferred SBA lenders, investors, venture capitalists, and philanthropists.   

   Jeff co-founded and serves as the CEO of GROWTH Business Planning, a leader in the business plan writing and development services industry.  GROWTH consults with business owners throughout the United States, and is able to work with any business owner no matter their location. 

GROWTH’s primary foci are: 

  • The offerance of business plan writing, consultative, and development services from start-up to inception of new businesses;

  • Assist existing businesses with their expansive efforts; and

  • Work as a liaison between Clients and prospective investors in acquiring funds for their businesses. 

Jeff understands how hard it is for people who don’t know where to start in creating their business.  Jeff states, “Your business is the most important thing to you.  When you work with me, I treat your business as you perceive it to be.   The first thing in starting your business is to have a plan.  A plan is the blueprint of what you want your business to become.  I create plans - plans that are tailored for your business.”   

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