How MLM Professionals Get Vital Email
by Rod Cook MLM Consultant

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You have paid $300 for screened hot online leads. You get 20 excited replies! A lady you talked to last week emails you that she decided to sign up with your opportunity and bring her downline of 129 distributors with her. Great!

Except that you never GET THE EMAIL!     

Spam filters can hurt your business badly if your Internet Service Provider (ISP) filters your email. ISPs like AOL (the worst), eartlink, comcast, yahoo, hotmail and other providers can suck the life out of your business. Those leads and signups you worked so hard for can disappear into spam filter hell. It can also happen if you sign up for a spam filter service of your own that doesn’t let you view your own filtered mail!
How to avoid spam filters from wrecking your business:

1. Get your own website making sure that your website host doesn’t filter email. In addition this makes you look more professional than using yahoo, hotmail and others. Set up your Email address with that account.

2. Use (free version) to screen email. It is easy to read and pick out spam and even a bigger thing is it "hard bounces" what you mark as spam. Spammers take you off their list because it makes it look like you are a "bad" address. Over time you will get less spam since you are listed as a bad account. You can gradually put your own words into mailwasher as you want. YOU HAVE 100% control. I use the paid version of mailwasher and love it. Go to

3. If you are traveling a lot you can use rather than a hotmail or yahoo account. This is my favorite there are others listed in the resource section below!

4. To prevent “spambot email harvesters” from grabbing your name off your website you can spell it out like…….. Rod at However for business purposes it is better to have a live link and fight them down with

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Rod Cook is the major MLM Consultant and Researcher in the Direct Marketing arena. He has almost 40 years of experience in Network Marketing (MLM). He and his staff of reporters at the MLM WatchDog review and analyze almost 1000 companies a year.

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