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Search engines are still one of the cheapest ways to get Internet traffic to your website. The surprising fact is that more people don't pay more attention to these powerful business builders. There are elements that should be part of your web design to be able to rank higher in the search engines and get free traffic. Some of the saddest stories are about companies that spent mega dollars on advertising yet couldn't be found in the search engines a month later. Search engine planning and site design inclusion are critical!


A major problem that many Affiliate, MLM and Network Marketing companies have is selling their opportunity, services or products on their website. Our consulting is essential. The site should designed for getting Affiliates, Multi-Affiliates, MLM distributors, or Network marketers to join your company. Many websites don't build the power of exponential marketing into their site design. The results are disappointing relative to money spent on Affiliate or MLM software. Here are areas that Americas Consultants can help you in growing your MLM, Affiliate, Multi-Affiliate or Network marketing company to turn leads into viral marketing storms. Consulting in this area is our specialty.


We help you leverage the power of viral marketing by incorporating the principles into the very essence of your website and your strategic marketing plan. Each product, service or opportunity is different and has to be carefully designed and crafted to get the best results. Our internet systems can sign up 100 prospects a day.


We sent Internet focus groups to your website and ask them to go through the site and report what they find. These reports get very detailed. Here is information on our reports. Information you can't afford not to know!

Did you know that if your website doesn’t load in 8 seconds you will lose 1/3 of your customers??

Do you know?:

  • Web site meet customer established standards of performance? (or what those standards are?)
  • how your site does during peak online traffic periods?
  • when peak traffic occurs?
  • how long it takes for your Front / Home page to load?
  • how long it takes for your Inside Web pages to load?
  • How your site compares to your competition?
  • If your shopping cart feature work 100% of the time?
  • If your site loads 100% of the time?
  • If your site Search Engine is compatible?

Not knowing, could be losing you thousands of customers EVERY DAY!!

Don’t worry, most webmasters are in the same boat,
Our Experienced Master Focus Group can help you!

Put our "strategic command team" on point, and they can tell you:

  • about the performance of your Web site on various PC models from aged equipment to brand new models. Check your site performance on every thing from IBM to Mac's and Web TV.
  • Check Internet Service Provider performance including AOL, MSN, MindSpring, BigPlanet, Earthlink, Juno local services, and more.
  • Check how you do using the Explorer and Netscape browsers, and how your site does with Cable and DSL!
  • Not jut the US and Canada, we have International coverage too!!

If you make changes to your site… don't release it until you've put our team to work for you. Why risk losing customer's and bottom line profits even for one day because of a design change that is turning your customers away!!

Put our trained Focus Group, with thousands of hours of experience to work for you, and you'll know exactly how your site holds up under scrutiny.

Performance Standards Check List includes:

  • Front / Home page "upload time" monitored in seconds.
  • Inside page uploads timed.
  • Graphic uploads timed, and upload viewing verified.
  • Flash uploads timed in seconds.
  • Video uploads timed in seconds.
  • Flash and Standard uploads compared.
  • Tests covering all time zones in the US.
  • International testing available upon request.
  • PC / Web TV makes and models tested including aged models.
  • Multiple Internet Providers tested.
  • Multiple Browsers tested.
  • Modems (28K - 56K) tested.
  • 24 hour a day testing, during peak and non-peak access periods.
  • Check-out shopping cart tested (54% do not work!)
  • Subjective viewer remarks and evaluation of over-all site performance, and easy to follow selling path.
  • Design comments, and quality viewing ratings.
  • Complete "Ping" report with results for high and low traffic sessions.

If you don't know how your Web site performs in each of the above circumstances…


In one week we can give you a complete analysis of your Web site’s

  • Benefits
  • Features
  • Load times
  • Technical performance

Just ask yourself this question:

Can I afford not to know?





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