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What is a Newsletter?
It is usually a timely report on a single targeted subject. They have become more popular than Ezines. It is a personalized information source produced by a person or a group that has interesting information to email out. It is generally to a specific group of people usually your MLM group. The specialized information in a newsletter should be current, and it should WOW the readers with interesting, exciting or useful information one issue out of three if you want to keep subscribers. The WOW can be a new source or information that is interesting or hot! Remember it should also be designed to attract people to your organization and company. Keep the chit-chat down about people new folds wouldn’t know! Your newsletter should be able to be used by your MLM downline who can forward it to friends and prospects. If you are with a nutrition company a single issue could contain information about one of your ingredients. In telecommunications? Quote articles on the world shrinking by the advanced technology of electronics.

What is an Ezine?
Ezine is short for Electronic Magazine. It is a magazine published by Email for the general public or interested Person. It also works as good advertising outside your group. Ezines were once the rage, but with spam filters “taking them out” its hard to get one through Email anymore. The spam filters hit them because they are too big and have too many words that trigger the spam filters. The answer is put your Ezine on a website and use email to link people to it. Read email and click to your website!

Today with the spam filters knocking out many newsletters and ezines, you need to put them on your website (you need to archive anyway) so your email gets through (if it is long, the filter will find too many words)! Change your thinking! You have to write your newsletter/ezine email in a format that is hot, short and sweet with a link to your newsletter/ezine web page. Other tips:

1. How Long? Don't make your newsletter too long, one hot paragraph with a link is good. Three paragraphs is about the most or you are going to get whacked by spam filters. Don’t go over 63 characters characters (letter and spaces) per line. Personally I try to keep email under 58 characters per line. A quick trick I use is to write the first line(s) in MS Word. Then highlight a line with use/cursor. Go to tools and word count in word. When you click on word count you can also count characters!

2. How often should you publish it? At least once a month. Every two weeks is better. Some productive people send out quality newsletters every week. You want HOT HEADLINES, hot tips or news scoops that focus on your products and your recruiting techniques.

3. Alternative: If you are doing an online leadership building blast (2 or 3 emails a week to your folks), still do a leadership newsletter once a month to get out insider information about how your group is doing with best tips for building and success stories. This also helps you maintain your legal status as a leader!

4. Proofread! If you are doing it to go on line use Wordperfect or MS Word with spell and grammar check then cut and paste your newsletter into your email program. See #2 above you can also do character count at the same time! You can also write your newsletter in text pad or word pad that are in MS windows system. I do at times but spell check in MS Word.

5. Learn to post to your website! Unless your 12 year old son is an HTML programmer, set up on or another template simple to get your newsletter posted on the web quickly. Don’t get held up by having a programmer do it …unless they work cheap and quick. Another alternative is to use Front Page 2000 or Dreamweaver to get your article up quick and fast so you can throw out your email >>>Drive Traffic>>> to the page quickly.

6. Review: Study the school of email, the first school in the University. If your email doesn’t get through the spam filters you have no newsletter or ezine!

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Classroom 1 Hot Start Overview
Classroom 2 Strong Newsletter
Classroom 3 Newsletter Tools


1. Give your newsletter a strong name like, “ROD'S SECRET WEB MARKETING TIPS." Why? So that it is recognized by your audience and not trashed as spam. We have enough trouble with spam filters! Don’t have your audience trash your newsletter.

2. Make your newsletter an attention grabber. Don't focus on your company or products in the front part of the newsletter unless you have something that will set the world on fire! Grab interest quick and maintain it. Make your newsletter something that people save! Start out with your hottest subject with the most interest to your readers. If you don't grab your readers with the first two lines they are history -- another newsletter is headed to the trashcan. :> ( Put capitalized headers in between paragraphs to give a feeling of "pages to your readers."

3. Write objectively like you would see in a newspaper. Don't make your newsletter look like a sales brochure. Too much sales propaganda and hype will get the delete button punched right now! Give people factual information that they can use! If you write an opinion into a story quote “somebody” rather than just write it. Example: "John Jones" says that this is the most exciting online group he has ever joined." John said, "I have learned more in my two weeks with this group than I did in two years online and made friends too!"

4. Don't use fancy words. You will lose your reader keep it simple. Keep your writing casual and conversational. Exception: if you are a Doctor or a Lawyer, and have to use technical terms -- be sure to explain them. If you use abbreviations explain them too!

5. Don't try to use HTML or graphics if your email audience is unknown. Many times these slow down email loading and cause your efforts to be wasted. Stay with text with the LINK to your website!

6. Readers find newsletters more believable than ads. Doing a newsletter serves a double purpose. You communicate with your friends/associates and at the same time it sets your company apart from competition. At the same time it improves your newsletter recognition.

7. You can use past issues of the newsletter to give in-depth information to new readers. You get a lot more bang for the buck this way. It can also be critical if you are trying to educate people about complex services or products. If prospects understand the benefits of your offering they'll be more likely to join.

8. Remember if you write a newsletter well it can get passed through hundreds of hands on the internet. An ad would have hit the trash can at the first click of a button. Your affiliates can quickly FORWARD your newsletter to friends asking for their attention and at the same time, ask them to pass it along to their friends!

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Classroom 1 Hot Start Overview
Classroom 2 Strong Newsletter
Classroom 3 Newsletter Tools


Sources on the web to help you get your newsletter/ezine started and out the gate.

A good place to look, read and study for all around newsletter general information as you start

This is a great web quick check to liven up your newsletter with some good words.

Good place to shop for ideas for writing your newsletter.

Sister website to writerswrite above but more freebies and different ideas.

Broad ideas for your newsletter

Audience Statistics so you can plan your newsletters and who they go too

General Web publishing and discussion groups with resources$204

There are tools you can use to build your email list from simple to power publisher!

Free download to start your email newsletter list with. Good for 1000-3000 subscribers. Eudora is a great email sender for smaller lists. More stable than MS Outlook or Outlook Express at higher numbers.

Low cost or free scripts for your own mail list on your server
Search for more at

Mail Loop (combined tool)
US. Bulk email, auto responders, newsletters, web form processing, filtering, email merging, and other features. Steep learning curve. Price: $279

Many list builders rent their mail sending systems so they don’t have to do the maintenance on their own systems.

Aweber is one of the oldest auto responders on the web but definitely high tech and easy to use. Cost is less than $20 a month and it works great for newsletters. $19.95 a month

A power email marketing system! Some of the major newsletter builders on the web use Info-generator. It's RISK FREE for 30 days! If you don't agree the system works for your business just cancel your account within 30 days to get your money back instantly. Price: $19.95/ Month

High Voltage Marketing (Affiliate)
They have an Affiliate Membership program that comes with auto responder service. Other attributes include: Submission Tools, Opt-In, Meta Tag Generator, E-Books and more.

The oldest of the mail list systems used to do Egroups and then added mail list mailing. For high volume mailing.

Ultimate Response
Free with ads, or if you do not want advertisement in your Autoresponder message, you can upgrade your free account to a paid account for only $9.95 per year. Up to 10 messages. There is no size limit to the Message Body.

Silver Quick
Outsourcing your automated E-Mail and messaging management to Silver Quick Ltd. enables focus to be maintained on core business requirements ... meeting the needs of customers and clients.


FREE Form Processing for your site. Put a request form on your site and get responses immediately. Ask your viewers up to 10 questions online, and get an email in seconds with all the answers! This is an old system but reliable. FREE Form Builder Makes it EASY! Build Request Forms in 2 minutes or less with E-Z Form Builder. Enter up to 10 questions you'd like to ask, and off you go.


Comments, corrections, and additions are all welcomed. Please send an email to: University at Once again type that in your email sender using the @ - This is done so the email scavenger rippers don't vacuum up this email address and fill the University box with spam. That is a cute trick for you to use on your website!!

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