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This is a short school to train you to tangle with Ad Agencies and people who will try to sell you swamp land on the Internet. As you grow bigger in your MLM endeavors you will find there is a lot of fertile territory out there. Some good money can be generated with alternative advertising.

This material is to prepare you to talk their lingo and give you a feeling what to watch out for. I had one client that told me that this section saved him $10,000 and made him $200,000. This is like giving you the inside to the B.S. that gets thrown at you when you try to buy conventional advertising on the Internet. In short I am handing you a big stick. Ad sellers will try to hype you to the end for hot air. If the price is good enough, a banner on an oddball website such as " may turn out to be a gold mine. I have even talked site owners (not ad agencies) into letting me try a banner for 2 or 3 days for free to see what happened. This School is to arm you to go into the big world and not "get taken to the cleaners."

One of the important things to remember with most Internet ads is that you need affiliate or URL tracking ability on your website to see where the effective traffic is coming from. Make sure that the persons that you are dealing with know you have it. If you don’t, bluff them out by studying the Definitions below!

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Classroom 1 Big Stick
Classroom 2 Definitions

CLASSROOM 2   Advertising Definitions (Inside Secrets)

Ad Copy - the actual text used for an ad campaign. Most MLM ad copy is not exciting. Hire a good ad copywriter if you are going for all out.

Ad Inventory - These are stiff words from ad agency guys. It is the total available inventory to sell in a given period. Just ask them the demographic (see below) and traffic.

Ad Impression - One person viewing one ad (a banner or page) one time. Impressions are really a swamp and most buyers want results not ad impressions. If you do buy impressions, buy a minimum amount and measure the sales you get. Old stuff, so hit them hard for good prices on a test. If they are good they will give it to you.

Affiliate - Someone who is affiliated with someone else, usually referring to a person or company that is a member of another companies "Affiliate Program." Amazon got the patent on this but has never enforced it. An Affiliate is a referrer to a seller who gets paid

Affiliate Program - The art of paying only for results, where affiliates sign up to promote your company in exchange for a 10-50% on average commission on any sales that they generate. Normally they are one or two levels. However 13 states consider two level programs the same as MLM.

Banners - The ads you see on websites. At one time this was the primary way of advertising on the Internet. Now dropped to a very low cost because considered not such a good bag for the buck compared to email. The html code in banners is where the affiliate code we use in our MLM URLs came from.

Campaign - An advertising media (email or banner) buy during a given period of time.

Click - The opportunity for a visitor to be transferred to a location by clicking on an advertisement, as recorded by the server. Today main areas are search engines and banners

Click Rate - This is also a term used in Pay for click on a paid search engine. For instance on Overture the term for MLM Consultant is going for $4 a click as this is written.

CPM - Cost Per Thousand. 90% of all Web and email media is priced based on a Cost Per Thousand model. Ex: a $90 CPM means that it costs $90 per 1000 impressions.

CPC - Cost Per Click. Very rarely used, but still often requested. Ex: A $5 CPC means that for every click an advertiser receives, he or she is paying $5 for it.

Content Based Profiling - A way of saying that a media properties audience has to be who they say it is, because no one else would care about the media properties content, except for the target audience.

Creative Media - slang for the Web banner or tiles/buttons used in an advertising campaign.

CTR - Click Through Rate. It is computed by taking the number of clicks a given campaign received divided by the total impressions bought. Ex: Client buys 100,000 impressions, gets 1000 clicks, and therefore his or her CTR is 1%.

Demographics - Profile of people getting advertising. This includes the age, sex, and income of a person (normally by zip code). This is a critical question to ask when buying an email list or any other ads. You would not want to mail MLM offers to Benedictine Monks!

E-Mail - Electronic Mail: See the school of Email.

Email Dump Accounts - See the SCHOOL OF EMAIL. Dump accounts are free accounts (there is a list on the School of Email. If you are going to be doing a lot of web advertising you want to have a dump or junk account to keep from filling up your real mailbox with the 100’s of Spam ads you will get.

E-Zine Email Newsletter – E-zines are dying and dead because they are short magazines that are sent by email. Because they are long there are more chances of Spam filters killing them. Newsletters are down to 2 or 3 paragraphs for the same reason. E-zine is an inter-industry term, and many advertisers won't know what an e-zine is, even though they will know what an email newsletter is.

F.F.A. - Warning!! These are dangerous if you get them linked to your website. Major search engines penalize you for being linked to FFA’s. n abbreviation of "Free For All" and used to describe specialized Web Sites where almost anyone is welcome to post a brief advertisement linked to their own Web Site with the objective being to build additional traffic to their web site. In exchange for publishing an advertisement, most F.F.A. Link Sites respond with an E-mail that acknowledges the posting of your advertisement and often includes a brief sales message from the owner of the F.F.A. Link Site. This is the reason you will need several E-Mail "Dump /Junk Accounts" if you submit to F.F.A's manually or using auto-submission software. F.F.A. Link Sites generally only record a limited number of links. To make room for new ones they constantly drop off the oldest ones.

Discussion List - A threaded email-based forum.

GIF - Common graphic file format used in Web banners. Can also be animated.

Hits - abbreviation: How Idiots Track Success. Ex: If a Web page has seven graphics on it plus the html file itself, each time one-person views the page, eight hits will be recorded. Never refer to the number of hits a Web page gets, as advertisers only care about how many page views a Web site delivers during a given time period.

HTML - abbreviation: Hyper Text Markup Language. The language of the code Web pages are made of.

HTML Newsletter - Email lists that are sent with rich text. Some call this sending a Web page via email. Emails are typically 15-30k in size and have Web banners, Web tiles or email text ads in them.

Insertion Order - Ad agency talk. It is the contract between a media buyer and the media property selling the advertising.

IO - Abbreviation for insertion order more ad agency talk.

JPEG - Common graphic file format used in Web banners.

Key Words - Advertising based on key words. Ex: An advertiser locks in a set of key words that whenever they are searched for in a search engine or directory search, their ad appears in the results of that search.

List - Email list whether it be discussion- or newsletter- based. Messages just keep being added on until it is one big long email. With all the advanced forums and boards these are less popular now.

List Etiquette - Acceptable behavior for email list members, moderators, and owners.

List Moderator - A person who manages an email list. They turn into junk if not managed properly.

List Member and Owner - A subscriber to an email list is a member. An Owner runs it.

List Server - The email server that manages email lists where some get very long.

Moderated Discussion List - Email discussion list where a list moderator approves all posts. This is the highest quality form of discussion lists.

Newbie - A new person on the Internet.

Newsletter - Email-based newsletter usually not over a page now. Getting shorter because of

Spam filters, too much ad copy triggers the filters to kill the message. See E-zines.

Opt-In - Means that a person is "Opting In" (volunteering) to receive information or advertising. Double Opt-In means that he or she has confirmed twice that he or she wants to receive information or advertising. A source of fraud! People sell "Spam" names ripped off websites as opt-in. Beware and make sure you know whom you buy from

Page View - One person viewing one Web site page. Abbreviated as a "PV".

Pay for Click Search engines – You pay for listings on the engine. The more you pay the higher you rank in the listings. Usually the top 3 are shared with other search engines.

Permission-Based Marketing - When people give their permission to receive information or advertising. It's critical today in Email marketing. No permission = Spam

Pixel - abbreviation for "Picture Element". Web banners are measured in pixels. Ex: 468 x 60 standard Web banner means that it is 468 pixels long by 60 pixels wide.

ROI - Return On Investment. Fancy term for making money! Advertisers won't always say it, but in the end, they all want some form of ROI for their media ad dollars spent. Sellers don’t want to hear it. Always base your Ad campaigns on making money!

ROS - Run Of Site. When an advertiser buys a ROS package, they are not choosing which email newsletters or which Web properties his or her ads are running on through a given property. They are just getting paying for results.

SOV - Share Of Voice. This tells an advertiser how large of a percent a given niche or population is or how far a given Web or email property reaches. Ex: If a newsletter has 20,000 members and the entire niche of the audience is only 40,000 in the entire world, that means this newsletter audience is reaching 50% SOV (Share Of Voice) of that market.

Text Ad - This is an ASCII-based email text ad for an email newsletter, discussion list or opt-in list ad.

Un-Moderated Discussion List - Email discussion list that runs in real time and has no list moderator managing or approving of any of the posts.

Unique URL Tagging - The process of embedding Unique Identifiers into URLs contained in HTML content. Web servers on subsequent browser requests identify these identifiers. ALSO SEE AFFILIATE CODES

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Classroom 1 Big Stick
Classroom 2 Definitions

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