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Major, United States Army (retired)

  • B.Sc., Business Administration/Computer Science   *Summa Cum Laude.   University of Nebraska, Kearney
  • B.S., Psychology, University of Nebraska, Kearney   *Summa Cum Laude  
  • M.A., Human Relations, Webster University, St. Louis, MO
  • M.H.A. (M.B.A. equiv.), Baylor University, TX

  • 1984 MLM Compensation Pay Plan analysis paid consulting
  • 1987 First MLM publication (and MLM support tools company) "The Golden Opportunity"
  • 1992 America's MLM Consultants started to help the MLM Industry, worked as Executive onsite and did operations for multiple companies.
  • 2003 -- You get to access almost 40 years of MLM data from :   the master MLM knowledge base!

    If you look behind the history of any current booming MLM company in the U.S. currently you will find Rod Cook.   Market leaders like Life Force, Legacy USA, Xango, Travelogia and others have Rod's footprints in their growth!   MLM Mortgage and Real Estate companies are using Rod's "Supra" bonus concepts to maximize Mortgage lending and Real Estate sales growth!

    Our MLM marketing, compensation plan and strategic consulting from party plans to Real Estate is top tier.   It's the best if you want to save money, time and protect your investment!   Rod won't let you be scammed!

    America's MLM Consultants was started to help you (an entrepreneur yourself) protect you, and save you money. That helps everybody when starting a company in the MLM arena that Rod Cook says, "Is The Only Hope For The Little Guy In America."

    Rod started retailing products in MLM in 1968. He built powerful organizations after that neophyte training. By late 1969 he made over $250,000 as a college student selling MLM "Liquid Soap." Later years produced more success! Rod started "PAID" MLM Consulting in 1984 on MLM pay plans for MLM top leaders.

    In 1992 Americas MLM Consultants (AMC) was formalized as he says, "To protect startups from failure (over 90%) and "Save Clients Money" for marketing.   His best example -- he estimates, "50% of the so called MLM Software companies on the Internet are incompetent or scams."   Secondly he says, "80% of so called MLM Consultants out there could not sell themselves out of a wet paper bag."   Most of them are pushing software and will, "tell you the world" to suck your pocket book!   See the SECOND and THIRD sentences above!

    How can Rod Cook make "hard cruel sue me" statements like that?

    As the MLM MLM WATCHDOG.COM Watchdog(tm) Rod and his staff of 600 field reporters handle up to a 1000 questions or complaints a month about MLM.   Each year 100's of MLM Companies, Party Plans, and Multi-Affiliate Programs are surveyed. Failing MLM pay plans are tracked (along with good ones).   Illegal activity is analyzed.   Rod stores knowledge gained every day in his MLM WatchDog database.   Knowledge is your key to predicting the future.   Rod is considered the ultimate MLM "Marketing" and MLM Consulting inside knowledge information source.

    Click Below to search the MLM WatchDog to learn more about the MLM Industry!   Thousands of MLM distributors do each day!   "MLM is Good," many companies aren't, that's why they fail.   Many are innocent but get in trouble with the law! Read and learn! It's economical and easy!

    Rod retired as a legendary seven-digit "hitter a year" in Network Marketing. He successfully did MLM while in the military -- it fit his odd hours!  

    Rod has a broad range of successful business experience as a conventional entrepreneur and consulting. He has owned top rated franchises and sold them at a profit. He has owned import/export businesses that were the tops in their category. He owned a successful machine shop and gun business. He has been an owner and a major stockholder in several MLM companies. He chooses to love MLM because it is the last opportunity in America for the "little" person who is in debt, hungry, and barely making it!

    For years Rod Cook served the Network Marketing industry as the well known co-owner, editor and the investigative arm for The MLM Insider magazine. ABC television's 20/20, has featured the MLM Insider,, so has Success, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, and many others as the MLM Industry "Watchdog" tracking down illegal and immoral companies. Rod is reputed for blunt, truthful information. Rod's articles have been published in over 30 different publications. Rod has one of the two largest MLM research libraries in the world! Rod is humorously called the "MLM Godfather" because of his huge databases. He teaches advanced marketing techniques in Tom Schrieter's (Big Al) Power Marketing Workshop. Rod's Internet "Power Online Workshop" is the Internet MLM marketing school for the industry. His public speaking engagements are legendary hits, as well as his training and lecture series "Truth and Lies of NetWork Marketing."

    Update example: Recently Rod worked with TV's 48 Hours to feature an expose on "Global Prosperity" a criminal scam! He is proud to announce that after chasing them for years.... The 48 Hours show got government agencies off their "behinds" and the IRS arrested 27 "alleged" criminals!!

    In 1991 the "crash rate" of new MLM companies was rising dramatically. Rod focused on helping NEW Network Marketing companies start with a sound base. Rod is dedicated to preventing owners and distributors from being ruined! With his computer programming background, he is in the top ten of NetWork Marketing compensation plan designers in the world. Having Rod as a consultant is like having the Good MLM Housekeeping seal of approval for a company, its comp plan and policies. The publicity is worth thousands of dollars.

    America's MLM Consultants provides strategic MLM services and consulting to good hearted companies that want to help the MLM Industry grow. The president is Rod Cook, Major USA retired, with numerous military awards. Rod has been named to Who's Who in America, Who's Who in Finance and Industry, Who's Who in Science and Engineering, plus others. Rod is chairman of the Consultants Credentialing Committee of the Multi-Level Marketing International Association (MLMIA) to stop MLM consulting fraud. Rod is also Co-chair of the model MLM Legislative Committee. He is a member of the American Management Association (AMA), The Consultants Association for Natural Products, and The NNFA.  He is a Member of the National Bureau of Certified Consultants.   Check with the North San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, BBB, and Dun & Bradstreet for his community background.

    Phone consulting about MLM strategy is $250 an hour for short-term, less on contract.   Our four day MLM Start Up session for new companies is the best investment in the MLM Industry.   The pricing for the session is so competitive you can't afford not to do it!   Rod is successful because he treats each startup with intense sincerity.   His knowledge of the industry concerning computers, law, manufacturers, and formulators meets the reality of the best, not who pays him "kick-backs."   Rod's "Dream Team" of doctors and pharmacists who help do MLM formulations stay ahead of the MLM industry.   Recruiters may be available for short term contracts to build company downlines!   References are provided upon request. Rod's Book How To Start Your MLM And Internet Multi-Affiliate Company (280+ pages), with an hour of consulting, is a bargain at $169. Contact him in Texas on Central Time at 210-495-1201.

    He can be contacted by mail at 2410 Cinco Woods Plaza, San Antonio, TX 78259

    A quick word from Rod -- "FREE PROTECTION." If you go to an MLM software or MLM consultant website on the Internet and there is no picture or no phone number or no address - run!   Read the MLM WatchDog!   I say over and over no picture, no name it's a scam!   Read the MLM WatchDog for a year before you try to start an MLM company!!!!!

    MLM WatchDog

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