Big Potential - New Company - Your direct Upline Biggest Name in MLM

This downline contains 2 strong legs plus some lesser ones, with you directly under one of the most respected builders, trainers and recruiters in Network Marketing. This company is over a year old and is backed by major money and respectability. The company is stable and cash flowing.

The strong legs in this downline will probably produce more money in a year or so than the asking price of this downline at $26,500. It is currently producing $1000 to $1500 a month. There is a high probability is that this will increase with only minimal work.

If I were to go back to recruiting, I would jump on a deal like this. I see this as a million dollar a year downline for a heavy recruiter. If you are good a half million. Under that it just depends how hard you are willing to work. I know people that have ended up paying more than this for so called "recruiting support" and got a lot less for their efforts.

Terms: $26,500 cash or certified check

Deposit: none - full amount for share

Hold back: none

Cash Flow: $1000-$1500 per month

Travel: To point unspecified locality for meet with Rod Cook, lawyers (if desired) and buying party (in continental U.S.)

Contract: Standard ownership transfer

Legal Fees: To be borne by the buyer

Other: NONE

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