(Owner of Respected Consolidator Company)

From Rod: This Exec is backed by a billionaire. Period, zip, zero truth. This Exec is sharp and can't be fooled by a dead company selling out, "a hollow name list shell." For you tire kickers, that means a company that is flat on it's back and all the distributors have left. You see this all the time! It is a scam within a scam. Can't fool this guy! He wants to know what the bottom line is in terms of cash flow first! Hey, you don't get to be handmaiden to a billionaire by being dumb! He says and I quote (well almost):


We are looking to acquire Net Work Marketing Companies that have $100,000 to $1 million in monthly sales with a product line of nutritionals, skin care and or personal care products.

There are a lot of companies in this category. The owners were "MLM Hitters" that jumped out to do their "own thing." They were making $20,000 a month. Now as CEO of their own company they are making $5,000 a month and driving a 3 year old Yugo (convertible). They are good folks that didn't have the luxury that money can provide, of having a good support team.

Now, let me give these folks great credence! They are great recruiters! But, running an MLM company is a killer. I know it, I do it and it is hard! The phone calls, the problems and MOST of all the Customer support takes a lot of time and MONEY! Most good folks that start their own company don't know ahead of time -- HOW MUCH MONEY IT REALLY TAKES TO MAKE A GROWING COMPANY WORK!

They didn't fail, they have reached another level of understanding. In this very complex referral marketing business very, very few of us have the time (we have to make a living) to study, understand and financially grow stronger. The hidden danger of running an MLM company is the intricate nature and most of all, the tremendous financial requirements it takes make a company grow and survive . I have had good God given fortune to survive because of the backing of a major supporter who is in the billionaire range. I had the cushion, the time and somehow the god given wisdom to learn all the intricate details and crush any problems.

Rod, I want those people and their efforts. They will be justly supported and never be put on the "Trash Heap" as we have seen too often in this industry. I don't see them as failures, most of them didn't have chance because of financial shortages.

Send these good folks to me please, I will treat them well. <end>


Deposit: full amount for shares

Hold back: none

Cash Flow: Percentage

Travel: To point unspecified locality for meet with Rod Cook, lawyers (if desired) and selling party (in continental U.S.)

Contract: Standard ownership transfer with downline maintenance guarantees

Legal Fees: To be borne by both buyer and seller

Other: NONE

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