11 Million (U.S. Only) Reps in 14 Months!

By Rod Cook

The hottest money maker on the Internet since 1996 (an Internet year is 90 days) is Affiliate marketing. You put a link on your website to a vendor. If someone clicks on that link you collect money if the clicker buys a product from the vendor.

Now we have Multi-Affiliate Marketing™. The Multi-Affiliate (this is a form of MLM) marketer distributes their "link" in conjunction with their company's URL address. If enough people use that "portable" link and sign up for the business opportunity the Multi-Affiliate™ marketer can find himself with an MLM downline of hundreds. The pure definition of a Multi-Affiliate is, no money to join and no money paid (for anything) to collect commissions

The largest (ever in existence) and fastest growing MLM Company ever created was AllAdvantage that started in 1998 and went down with the Internet advertising crash. They signed up 14 (11 in the U.S.) million people in 18 months of full operation. AA was the ultimate MLM Viral marketing Machine via Multi-Affiliate™ Marketing AllAdvantage was a new technology startup is that sold views of advertising. The company then paid net surfers 50 cents an hour to watch ads on the bottom of their browsers as they cruised the web. If that person signed up other person to do the same the first person got paid 10 cents an hours down four MLM levels for the surfing other do. We worked with Multi-Afilliates™ that signed up 10,000 to 15,000 people. That means if the whole program HAD run true those people could make $1,000 an hour! There was a limit of 20 hours a month on the MLM payouts.

Another Multi-Affiliate™ company that grew on the net is Conigen telephone. This is a six year old telephone company that started Multi-Affiliate™ marketing in 1998. They have signed up over 100,000 new reps/customers since then. In a static telephone market this was a great growth rate.

Some traits of successful Multi-Affiliate™ programs could be described as:

  1. Simple sign up at no cost
  2. Seamless operation from site click in to paying commissions
  3. Prohibitions against spamming
  4. "Self replicating" web sites at no cost
  5. Automatic continuing commissions for repeat sales
  6. Templated advertising material for distribution and some allowance for modification
  7. The commissions commensurate with activity by Multi-Affiliates™
  8. Useful and timely Email notification of changes and new products for Multi-Affiliates™
  9. Customers get Email notification of new products or feature
  10. Automated email information when a new rep signs in

In the future we will see expansion of Multi-Affiliate™ programs including:

  1. Bifurcated compensation plans to reward the more active Multi-Affiliates™
  2. Round the clock Email and voice support for customers and Multi-Affiliates™
  3. Improvement and integration of CGI-bin functions, applets, and cookies for proper ID
  4. Better legal definitions for Multi-affiliate™ companies so they are legal (many aren't)
  5. Complete packages of complex pay plan computers and web site software.

The interesting thing is, without knowing it, reps are going MLM. They sign up with a company that has the technology to set up the Affiliate program for their website and their links. The technology company has an alliance with a marketing group that subcontracts with the technology group to obtain linked web site affiliates. The marketing group hires sales persons to go out and hunt for web sites to put under contract. When the website owner signs up he becomes the last in a chain of marketers. None of these entities take delivery of goods or transfer them. They are pure marketers receiving commissions.

By definition Multilevel (MLM) means "more than two levels." Let's count the levels involved in the internet transaction sequence described so far:

  1. Technology company - controls marketing
  2. Marketing group - sets up sales force
  3. Sales persons - sells affiliate program to website owners
  4. The website owner actually sells product via the link

Wow! We have four levels below the selling company! This could be call an Internet MLM or Multi-Affiliate™ Program. This is an MLM sales sequence by legal definition! Can you imagine the shock on some vendor's face when he gets hit by a State Attorney General for selling products in the AG's home state without being registered. Those fines may be a real boon to states that are angry at not being able to collect sales tax on Internet transactions!

The marketing portion is happening today with over 20 companies. Large amounts of money are being spent to finance start up technology companies to set up links and systems to track and pay for the sales. They are struggling to learn how to program computers to pay MLM commission structures on the Multi-Affiliate™ agreements.

Distributors that have self-replicating home pages on a corporate websites are members of a type of Affiliate program. These distributors use their Affiliate "tagged" URL to send customers to the website. Any MLM company without this Affiliate function on their website today is way behind the Internet power curve today.

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