What is Multi-Affiliate and NetWork Marketing?

Network Marketing, also known as Referral marketing, or Multilevel marketing, is an alternate channel for a manufacturer to deliver its products to market. Inside/Outside Kids (a manufacturer) has chosen a NetWork Marketing channel that provides both word-of-mouth advertising and distribution, which are the normal channels in NetWork Marketing. In an amazing new paradigm many have also combined the normal NetWork Marketing channels with the Direct Marketing powers of the Home party plan, the Internet, and a powerful mix of other non obtrusive marketing techniques. Our plan is to eliminate door to door cold calling, confrontational selling or uncomfortable situations. Inside/Outside Kids provides a smooth sophisticated means to establish a secure independent residual income, with a minimum of time demands, for retirement or pleasure.

NetWork Marketing - "The Peoples Franchise"

NetWork Marketing is the boom of tomorrow, today it is where franchising was in 1962, before the cost of franchising went astronomically high. It is a low cost way to start your own Home Business without financial risk. Inside/Outside Kids provides basic training and guidance (see steps to success). On top of that we provide you advanced training in at low or no cost. The company is there to provide long distance coaching and a full customer support section to help you succeed in your Home Business Venture. You can start part time with our program them graduate to full time, as you feel comfortable. This is not a get rich quick scheme, "The Peoples Franchise" just like any other franchise takes time and resources to develop into a full time Business. Part of the riches you will get are the close relationships you build while the money earnings climb, many say this is a valuable as the money! Welcome to the "Peoples Franchise - the Wave of the Future!"

NetWork Marketing - The New Wave

By the end of 2003 the National Association of Chambers of Commerce estimates that there will be over 80 million Home Based Business. A new Home Based Business is started ever 60 seconds in the United States. Why? Major Companies are downsizing. Many of the 76 million baby boomers in this country are "cashing out" rather than working stress related jobs. Major American Corporations such as MCI, ATT&T, Rexall drugs, and others are turning to NetWork Marketing as a channel of distribution. You are at the convergence of two major trends in America. Where major trends meet there is money to be made!

NetWork Marketing - Time, Freedom and Money

Today’s modern world is in turmoil. People live with frantic schedules. Time is a precious commodity. NetWork Marketing helps your customers by making the distribution of product to them quick and easy. They don't have to be shopping in an urban world that is often more dangerous than the jungle. Inside/Outside Kids gives you time by giving you a business that you can schedule around your family and recreation. Through your efforts it provides money that can be used for that elusive retirement income by building long term residuals. This maximum utilization of time and money can give you freedom that few other people can imagine -- in just a few short years. You can do this with virtually no overhead, no employees, no major investment of savings or stress. Its Amazing!

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