By Rod Cook Bs, MA, MBA


This radical new Binary is Copyrighted and a business process patent is pending so don't even think about stealing it!   One of the reasons MLM companies using the Binary pay plan "bite the dust" is they didn't tell their Distributors to get Customers!   Regulators (the Law) demand buying Customers to prove you aren't a pyramid scheme!   One big failing many vanished Binary companies had ---- they didn't even ASK for Customers!


The Binary has really never had a requirement or inducement to bring in customers!   Until now -- with my radical new binary! Before Customer volume might be dribbled into a position but no clear-cut method of getting customer sales volume has ever been mapped out.   I designed (and tested) my new revolutionary Binary plan to let a distributor have 002L and 003R as income centers (they love that) if they are activated and maintained by Customers that purchase products/services only.   All of a sudden distributors have serious motivation and financial focus on getting customers to buy products and/or services!

More income for your company! In our test we found that this new Binary plan almost doubles (48% increase) Binary sales. Why? 1 out of 10 people may join your company as a distributor. With attractive product/services at least 5 out of 10 people are eligible to be customers! It is easy for a distributor to get a "valued" 3 pack of business centers by signing up customers! It is no secret that increased sales volume excites the sales force. Be safe and double your company sales!

Remember this: a LEGAL CUSTOMER does not belong to the pay plan and are your best insurance to avoid pyramid scheme charges.   Some companies have stupidly said that everybody that signs up is a customer and then a week later converted them on paper to a distributor!   Regulators have eaten them alive when that showed up!   Use this powerful binary to get customers who increase your company profit and provide for longevity!

Binary Creep Kills Companies: Putting customers directly into the Binary is projected to be the only way to stabilize long term binary payouts. By requiring that Customer sales be fed through the 002L and the 003R the qualification requirements can be exceeded with customer sales volume. The excess Customer sales volume is necessary because a distributor can't be certain of the sales volume generated by Customers. Rather than a minimum qualification order, excess amounts of Customer orders will stabilize the Binary cash flows. The major failure of the Binary before my new innovation is that nobody targeted and asked for Customers. No Customer excess sales volume - No Binary stabilization. Binary Creep - After 20,000 or more people join a Binary pay plan it begins to start pay out too much, if no Binary experts, joined the company. If a large number of Binary experts join early excessive payouts start earlier. The company sees the fluctuations in payouts go over the amount they can afford to pay. This is called "Binary Creep." There is not a Binary of any age or size that has not gone through this. At 60,000 people (without a lot of Binary experts) it becomes critical and the one or all of the following has to take place:

      1. The high earners at the top of the Binary have to have "Caps" put on the amount of cycles they can collect or the amount paid on their top end earning cycles have to be diminished by a variable formula. Top earners are not happy about this, they leave!

      2. Everybody in the Binary has to be penalized by "Pooling." That means that the total allowable % of payout is put into a pool and the number of distributors generating matching commission pay points are divided into it. That drops the amount of everybody's checks and usually starts the decline of the company.

      3. The products or services sold in the Binary have to have a CV (commissionable volume) reduction put on them. Other wise if a product sold for $20 in a new Binary that amount would be put into the Binary for payouts. After CV (sometimes called BV or Bonus Volume) the product still sells for $20 put only $15 goes into the Binary for pay purposes.

Inquire about paying our reasonable useage fee to implement this new design in your Binary pay plan! Get Customers for faster growth, money, stability, and a long term company!

Rod Cook is one of the major researchers in the MLM arena on the Binary Pay Plan. He has almost 40 years of experience in Network Marketing (MLM). He and his staff of reporters at the MLM WatchDog review and analyze almost 1000 companies a year. They pay special attention to Binary pay plans and what causes them to fail. He has done this for over 16 years (2005) years of publishing and is one of three of the most knowledgeable persons in the world on the subject of Binary pay plans , their sales psychology and control of payouts. He will do emergency consulting with with any companies whose Binary has gone "Upside Down" and is bleedting the company of money. Rod also consults with top MLM Distributors on which Binary Pay Plans are fraud and are a "bait and switch" startup sucker trap..

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