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Here are 10 tested secrets to dominate your thinking

Plus an 11th to make the first 10 work!

  1. Test your ads. For each winning ad you are going to put out plan on writing ten. That way if you get a hit on the third ad, you can pat yourself on the back. Ad writing is work! Get several good books on writing ad copy. Get "Magic Words" by Ted Nicholas 1996 ISBN 1-887741-00-3 through Amazon or B&N to help you. It also has references to other good ad copy books in it. It will help loosen up your mind.

  2. MLM SECRET SIZE -- On the Internet ads can't be too large. People don't like to read massive amounts of material. Get in hit them with great benefits and an offer they can't refuse. You want to drive them to an autoresponder to get your offer (best 10 sites to advertise or ?). With that premium deliver your second longer ad. Make sure you start that page, before the offer with PRINT this PAGE so you don't get clicked into cyber space. In the ad drive them to your web site.

  3. MLM SECRET FLEXIBLE -- Your ad should be able to be able to be used in a variety of places. If it works on the Internet in classified ads and Email it can also be used on post cards, small classified ads, e-zines. You save a bundle of money by testing on the Internet to find a killer ad. You then have a double barrel to use off the internet to drive people to your website.

  4. MLM SECRET RELATIONSHIPS -- Remember you are not selling them with this first "sales teaser" you are enticing them into a closer relationship so that you can bring your big gun advertising to bear with a full cornucopia of benefits and offers to them. This can be delivered by your website or by autoresponder. This called a two step but is necessary on the Internet to maximize response rate. With the crowded internet you want to push them to respond so that you have their attention.

  5. MLM SECRET STRONG HEADLINE -- You have to have a strong headline. It has to have a strong BENEFIT to the reader. It has to get their attention and compel them to read your ad. It has to be targeted to your market you are advertising in! Examples: YOU GET 10,000 AFIILIATES OVERNIGHT! Or 10 ad secrets to double your income! Once again it is a matter of testing. Remember to test the headline and the copy in the body of the message separately. In addition do you have premiums to offer? A free book! A list of the best places to advertise free on the internet. A premium is beyond a benefit! It is a sure fire puller!

  6. MLM SECRET BENEFITS -- What are benefits? What are features? A benefit does something for the person you are sending the message to. "These pills can give you immortality" is a benefit. "The pills come 90 to a bottle" is a feature. Convert features to benefits! "The are 90 pills in the bottle to save you money" is a converted feature. Benefits sell, features smell!

  7. MLM SECRET STRONG COPY -- Follow the headline with strong body copy. Use active words and benefits! If we continue from above, "Quick and Easy Pills give you immortality. Immediate results are guaranteed or you get your money back!" If this example seems extreme, it is! You may want to start writing your ad copy with anything that comes to mind. The go back and refine it for practical use! Get your brain storming with ideas! "Make money now with good ads." Make money is a benefit and now is an active word!

  8. MLM SECRET TELL THEM! -- End your ad by telling the reader just exactly what you want them to do and how! Simple, easy and active is the secret here. Key your ads so that later you know which one pulls the best. "Get our Secret Information today! It will only be up for 72 hours! Go to On auto responders you can use different ones for different ads. On your website you can put up different entrance pages such as Hits on /ep1 tell you were it came from. You can have page /ad3.htm then /ad4.htm on and on for as many different ads as you write. The pages are all the same with a direct link to your home or action page. The page may say thanks for responding to our ad, here is your "premium" information. Click here, takes them into your website, which should be loaded with killer advertising copy itself!

  9. MLM SECRET FOCUS -- Stick with just one product or service at a time. If you try promoting more than one thing you are going to confuse your market. Stay focused! If the ad doesn't cover all you want do another ad. Does it hurt to try combining ads? Yes, normally, but there are no absolute rules in Internet advertising. Why? Because, it is cheap to test ads! The key here is to be able to track your ad results as shown previously. Your cost is your time. Understand that this is an investment and keep testing. Don't burn out. You have your ad1a, the teaser, (pull them in!) and your ad1b on your web site that does the actual selling. Both have to be good to work.

  10. MLM BIG SECRET TEST! --- Test, test, test and test again. Make revisions but test only one change at a time. Don't change the headline and the body at the same time. Keep track of the results for a week to see what the response was. Keep a book on them or a spreadsheet to determine the improvement (or drop) when you make a change. As soon as the response goes above the best you have, use that new ad as your advertising front runner. Your goal is to hit a searing hot response rate of at least 7% on the internet. If your ad goes above 3% it is good! Start shooting for that incremental increase.

  11. MLM BIGGER SECRET A TEAM! -- The real secret? If you aren't a writer and don't have the patience for all the above you need to team up with somebody that will. You may need a third partner such as your web master or somebody proficient with your website software to make test pages and changes on the web site.

  12. MLM LAST SECRET! -- The 12th secret is YOU GET TO USE ALL ABOVE AS A PREMIUM FOR YOUR INTERNET ADVERTISING! FREE - Free- free! All you have to do is use it as written with my name on it and the title. After the first 11……… you have to direct them to to get this one. We become partners I help you. In doing so it increases my website traffic. I do not belong to any companies nor do I endorse any or accept advertising from them. This is called the "Premium inside the premium" partnership. You will also be notified of future premiums. You can not use this premium with any money game or illegal multi-affiliate program. If you have a question about that call 210-495-1201. If you do lightening will strike.

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